Some Investigations into:


OK, pull out some paper, pencils, and propositions (?)
I mean, get ready for a few interesting topics in the history of this "language!"

Mathematics for Basic Electronics

New project; only basic formulas and examples for simple DC circuits at this time.
But you'll find notes on how current, voltage, resistance and power are defined under the SI system of Physics.

The Pi (π) Files

Exact and verifiable values of Pi,
Pi Programs and an essay on Pi
( Also includes Facts and Figures about Pi )

"Recreational Math?"


Anyone who regards games simply as games and takes work too seriously has grasped little of either. So wrote the German poet Heinrich Heine over a century ago. In today's world the division of work and play persists. Old prejudice still holds that the playing of games is an activity for children, not useless perhaps, but certainly not the responsible and serious work of adults. Heine intuitively foresaw what [psychologists today have] since asserted. Games are not only necessary for the development of a child's self-awareness; they are also needed by adults, especially when their work is repetitive and uncreative.
...Those games based on mathematical or logical principles... are among the most absorbing and creative.
   Indeed, the great mathematicians and scholars of the past often applied their skills to the solution of logical and mathematical games.

[ I've lost the reference for who said this! Any ideas? ]


You Have All the Money You'll Ever Need!
Learn about an important Mathematical Rule.

Repeating Decimal Fractions Includes Chart of All Fractions From 1/2 through 1/66.

Truthteller, Liar and Randomizer This problem actually has more to do with Logic than Math, but Mathematics does require you to think logically, so... have a try at this.

How many Squares can you find in this Diagram?

Four 4s These problems actually use Logic more than Math, but Mathematics is required to both arrive at and verify the answers.

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