The Starman's HTML Edition of
The Pilgrim's Progress
by John Bunyan

The notes and section titles which have been added to the public domain text are Copyright©1999,2001 by Daniel B. Sedory. All Rights Reserved.

These notes and titles are set apart from the main text within brackets:
either "{ }" or "[ ]".

Apart from the additional notes, a few cosmetic changes had to be made to the original posting of the TEXT FILE itself: Some line returns were inserted where necessary. Words which were split apart and separated by blank lines (apparently following the original page lengths) have been re-connected. Abbreviations for the names of the principal characters which appear at the beginning of many paragraphs have been capitalized and placed in bold print. Some punctuation and capitalization changes have been made where they seemed to be necessary, or to help the reader follow the text. For example, where the text had a period followed by two dashes, if a colon seemed more appropriate, the punctuation was changed. Phrases which were separated by two dashes (or even a comma and then two dashes) in the original text are now separated by the HTML symbol for a single long dash (" — ") instead¹. And, of course, the whole file was broken into eighteen separate HTML documents: The Introduction, sixteen Chapters and the Conclusion.

The original text which I have used contains what might be called poetic "section summaries" which are usually dropped from modern day translations of the text. These summaries have been set apart from the body of the main text within two short lines (colored blue in some browsers), like this:

The text of the particular poetical summary.
The text itself was:
           Digitized by Cardinalis Etext Press, C.E.K. [and was]
              Posted to Wiretap in June 1993, as pilgrim.txt .
A few comments from that posting:
                    This text is in the PUBLIC DOMAIN.

                          THE PILGRIM'S PROGRESS


                              BY JOHN BUNYAN

       [Transcribed by C.E.K. from an uncopyrighted 1942 edition.]

¹ In order to create the necessary effect (a single long dash) within the preformatted text (HTML tag: <PRE>), I actually had to double its HTML tag to: &#151;&#151;.

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