An Index to the Characters
found   in   Bunyan's
Pilgrim's Progress

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This page can be used as a special index to the text of Bunyan's work, or simply as a reference for checking the abbreviations used for various character's names.

Each of the character's names or abbreviations in this list are actually hyperlinked to their first occurrence in the text. Characters without an abbreviation appear only on the right side of the table. The abbreviations are linked to where they are first used in Bunyan's book. Note that a few characters, such as Christian, who is presented in the very first paragraph of the book, may be introduced into the text by Bunyan many paragraphs before the first occurrence of their names.

If a character's name is italicized, this indicates that the character appears in one or more of the following chapters as well. And a pair of brackets ([ ]) will surround the names of a few notable figures that are talked about, but never speak for themselves.

Chapter 1





EVAN. = Evangelist
Obst. = Obstinate
CHR. = Christian (the main character)
Pli. = Pliable
HLP. = Help

Chapter 2
Wrld. = Mr. Worldly Wiseman

Chapter 3
GOOD. = Good-will
INTR. = the Interpreter
Man. = A man in an iron cage.

Chapter 4
three Shining Ones
Form. = Formalist
Hyp. = Hypocrisy
POR. = A porter called Watchful

Chapter 5
PRU. = Prudence
PIET. = Piety
CHAR. = Charity

Chapter 6
Apol. = Apollyon
Men. = Two men coming back.

Chapter 7
FAITH. = Faithful
[ Wanton]
[ Shame]

Chapter 8
Talk. = Talkative

Chapter 9
Judg. = A judge of Vanity, also
called, Lord Hategood.
Envy. = Mr. Envy
Supr. = Mr. Superstition
Pick. = Mr. Pickthank

Chapter 10
HOPE. = Hopeful
By. = Mr. By-Ends
Mon. = Mr. Money-love
Hold. = Mr. Hold-the-world
All. = Mr. Save-all
Demas. = Demas

Chapter 11
Giant Despair

Chapter 12
SHEP. = Shepherds (Whose names were:
Knowledge, Experience,
Watchful, and Sincere

Chapter 13
Igno. = Ignorance

Chapter 14
Ath. = Atheist

Chapter 15
Igno. = Ignorance

Chapter 16
A Gardener
two Shining Ones
[ Vain-hope]




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