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    I already quoted Charles Feinberg, who emphasized that “the gate will be shut” in the future according to the context of Ezekiel 44, and that H.A. Ironside pointed out the gate spoken of in Ezekiel is a temple gate; not a city gate, but failed to add his comment about the "prince" in verse 3:

    Also note that this “prince,” who is often seen as either Jesus while living on earth or the resurrected Lord Jesus in the future (or both) by those who spiritualize these verses, rarely, if ever, discuss the context of chapters 45 and 46 (which “eat bread before the LORD” in 44:3 already hints at): In those chapters, we find this prince providing “for himself” and others a “sin offering” (45:22), so this obviously cannot refer to the sinless Messiah! Charles Dyer simply states (on page 1312): “The fact that the prince is to make a sin offering for himself shows that he is not Christ.”

    J. Vernon McGee said the following while going through Ezekiel:

    John B. Taylor in his commentary of Ezekiel added concerning the verses in chapter 44: “the walled-up Golden Gate... reflects a later tradition and should not be related to this passage.”[3]

    In two different commentary sets, Ralph H. Alexander writing about Ezekiel 44; though not specifically mentioning the Golden Gate, points out that the dimensions given for the temple are much different than any in the past, and that the "current “temple area” will not exist in the millennial period."[4]




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3[Return to Text] John B. Taylor, M.A., Ezekiel: An Introduction and Commentary (London: Tyndale Press, 1969; a Tyndale Old Testament Commentary), p. 270.

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